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One of my colleagues asked me to help him with this transportation from Larnaca airport (LCA) to the city of Pafos. The question was very simple “is there any coach connecting LCA and Pafos? Is there any timetable?”

The first think that I have done is to check the airport’s official website ( for any contact numbers and try to call them to get some information from them.

At the bottom of the page there is a bar, with some links and between them a “Contact us” link. I clicked that and then i realised that no contact information was given there ( Apparently I have seen that there is another “Contact us” link on the top of the page ( which is working fine, at least it seems to (some information and telephone numbers are there).

According to my limited understanding of this wonderful world,  firstly I tried to call the 24hours Customer Service desk and try to obtain some information for my colleague.  Not so surprisingly, I found that there was not any answer (used some switchboard connections).  After trying to contact LCA with no luck, I thought that it may be better to try to use the connection to Pafos airport (PFO) using the  same switchboard… “this extension is invalid or does not exist”, a digital voice was replying.

It was late (19:00 GMT ) and I supposed that maybe my friends in Cyprus are not working… so I decided to call next morning when everybody will be on duty (hopefully).  But unfortunately, there was no luck again… is this a wrong number or a number leading to nowhere?

I decided to call the “Hermes Airports Ltd Head Office” and ask them if their was another number and inform them for the errors in their website. You cant imagine… there was no reply as well.

After searching the keyword Pafos in their website, the only think that I could find was details on taxi service and information for the new international airport in Pafos…

Under facilities link I have found some details on Intercity buses finally ( but Pafos nowhere.

So, is there any bus shuttle between LCA and Pafos ?

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